Wedding trends come and go, but the photo booth is totally here to stay.  In fact, what better way to entertain your guests in between dance breaks, long speeches, embarrassing best man toasts, and tossing bouquets into the air than encouraging them to get a little crazy with fuzzy hats, oversized sunglasses, and stick mustaches?  Playing dress-up isn’t just for toddlers anymore; open up the photo booth at a wedding and watch your most introverted friend turn into basically the most awesome person you’ve ever known.

We’re no strangers to Santa Rosa Beach and 30A weddings, and if you’re unfamiliar with this little stretch of heaven, do yourselves a favor and hop right in your car and pay this area a long visit.  Start with Rosemary Beach and make your way down this gorgeous beach highway through Alys BeachSeasideWaterColor and Grayton Beach.  And prepare to be wowed.

We’re often asked what separates our photo booths from others, and, without getting all high-horse-ish, we’re OK in laying it out straight: our photo booths are the real deal (you know, not poles and drapes), our photos are bright, colorful and super-hi-res (i.e., higher quality), we invest in top-notch props that people actually want to steal (for real; these aren’t Party City bulk clearance items, people), we use a third-party graphic designer for your unique print border . . . and a whole slew of other items that, if mentioned, would just start sounding like a photo booth infomercial.  And nobody likes a photo booth infomercial.

Check rates and availability here for your photo booth rental!